Having a job in one of the most beautiful tourist regions of the Alps means working in a place where other people go on holiday! A dream which can come true for many!

You don't speak German?

Are your German skills not good enough to register yourself and to apply online? We can help! Write us in English!


Language skills

Since our employers are based in the German-speaking area and deal with many German-speaking guests, we primarily take on employees with an adequate level of German. If you wish to improve your German language skills through work, we would nevertheless recommend that you take a language course first.

Companies & Jobs

At hogastjob.com, you can find interesting hotels, restaurants and job offers within the German-speaking area (Austria, Germany, South Tyrol). Use the comprehensive search options under Suchen.

Quality of life

Interesting links about the area and its people can be found at the following websites:


At hogastjob.com, you can find jobs in Austria, Germany and South Tyrol. The platform is only available in German.