Naturhotel Bauernhofer- Hogastjob
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Naturhotel Bauernhofer

all year round

Österreich, Steiermark





Class Leit'& smooth fighting but so welcome.
Bauernhofer? In the Styrian Almenland? Never heard of it? Don't worry, it happens in the best families. The fact that insider tips, which actually have not been for a long time, are guarded like treasures. But maybe that's a good thing

Our corporate philosophy

Our house spoils dear guests at 1,132 meters above sea level. Where there are fox and hare, but they hardly say good night to each other, because somehow there is always something going on. With us on the Brandlucken. We say only single ball, open-air theater, smooching and much more. And that's why our casual young team is always looking for a proper reinforcement to accompany our guests charmingly through the beautiful days. Simply liabe Typinnen and types, which bring gladly what on and the holiday-makers to the purr

Many of our employees see our house as a likeable colorful dog that likes to go its own way, sometimes barks a little louder than the neighbors and sometimes enjoys whistling about what the others are saying about us. This welds us together and leads to the fact that we provide again and again with new fresh ideas for fresh wind on the Alm

What we offer our employees

What can we offer? Mountainous working hours, nice above-average pay, board and lodging (single room), a friendly team and nice bosses (they say).
Who dares, just write us or come directly to us. We do not bite. Quite the opposite

Over the summer or all year round
Chef de partie, chef de rang, receptionist, assistant chef, apprentices who want to work in the hottest profession in the world..

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