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Training & further education for chefs

Career in the kitchen: your further training opportunities

As a kitchen artist, you naturally know that stagnation is a foreign concept in the dynamic professional field of gastronomy. After all, the kitchen is a place of creativity and is essentially characterized by current trends and innovative techniques. It is therefore all the more important for a (prospective) chef to always stay on the ball and constantly develop and expand their skills.

Whether you're just starting your career or are already an old hand in the kitchen - we'll show you ways to kick-start your career in the kitchen.

So, put on your chef's hat and let's get started!

The apprenticeship as a chef

Cook is a traditional apprenticeship in Austria. The apprenticeship usually lasts three years. So you start your career with solid basic training. All you need is a company that will take you on as an apprentice and where you will learn the practical skills and abilities for the cooking profession. You will spend around 20 percent of your training time at a vocational school, where you will build up the necessary knowledge.

The combination of practice and theory ensures that you not only master recipes and techniques, but also develop a deep understanding of food, nutrition and kitchen management. The apprenticeship lays the foundation for your future career as a chef.

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Training and further education at tourism colleges

If you want to expand your professional portfolio, we recommend attending a hotel and tourism college. If you opt for a degree course, you will usually have four qualifications in your pocket:

  • Diploma in hotel management
  • Cook
  • Gastronomy/restaurant specialist
  • Hotel and catering assistant

At renowned educational institutions such as the Vienna Hospitality College or the Salzburg Tourism Schools, you get the chance to learn from some of the best chefs in the country. In addition to a sound basic education, these schools also offer you the opportunity to focus on specific subjects - depending on your chosen course of study. Step by step, you will gain an insight into the latest trends and technologies in gastronomy and become a master in your field.

Specialization opportunities for prospective master chefs

The hotel and tourism colleges in Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol as well as educational institutions such as the WIFI also offer you various opportunities for further training. Make sure you take the opportunity to hone your skills and specialize in various areas!

Whether you want to expand your patisserie skills or think outside the box and focus on international cuisine: Any additional training will sharpen your profile as a chef and expand your culinary portfolio.

A selection of specialization fields:

  • Patissier/Patissière
  • Diet cook
  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Food Designer
  • Food blogger:in
  • Food stylist:in
  • Catering specialist:in
  • Restaurateur:in
  • Banquet manager:in
  • Private chef

Working, learning and living in Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol

Wherever you end up on your way to becoming a top chef - you will find top-class training and further education opportunities in Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol. Get an overview of the opportunities offered by the individual federal states - both in terms of training and further education as well as work-life balance!

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Gastronomy and hotel industry: current jobs as a cook

Are you ready to start a new chapter in your career as a chef? Then take a look at the current vacancies from our HOGASTJOB employers now! Interesting jobs in top gastronomy and hotel businesses are waiting for you - attractive benefits included.