Das Pfandler- Hogastjob
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Das Pfandler

Summer / winter season

Österreich, Tirol





We would like to show you that DAS PFANDLER is an attractive employer and that we value our employees very much. Read here what we offer and expect to remain an outstanding workplace. Below you will find job postings for our hotel.

Our corporate philosophy

- Respect
The way we work and speak with each other is on an equal footing and remains respectful even when opinions differ. This is how we keep it in the team, but also with our business partners. We show attention and interest not only to our guests, but also to each other in the team. We expect the same from our guests towards our employees
It is particularly important to us that we live an attitude of mutual respect and understanding, regardless of national affiliation. To make this attitude and set of values easier for us in our daily activities, we cultivate the principle of speaking German with each other, i.e. our native employees are encouraged to speak less dialect and our employees with a different native language make a visible effort to improve their language skills in German
Respect also expresses our will to preserve what has endured and to complement it with innovations. We promote an entrepreneurial attitude through regular team meetings and workshops where we involve employees on current and future topics
Our respectful cooperation is also expressed in the form that we all help and tackle together. We are not bosses who only delegate tasks, no, we are in the middle of the operational business and work actively and daily on the common success. We demand this respectful cohesion in order to remain a safe workplace

We have the claim to offer high quality and by this we do not understand stiff professionalism in contact with guests, but charming nonchalance paired with profound knowledge. We value people not by their level of education, but by their will to give their best. Thus, we also support the wishes and goals of our employees to complete training and further education or seminars and courses on sales, communication, leadership (leadership regardless of title) or language courses in German. To ensure that many benefit from the new knowledge, an internal mini-course is held afterwards. In this way, learners become teachers and genuine togetherness is practiced
Regular (non-permanent) team meetings in all departments and across departments or workshops on current and future topics are particularly important to us. But also personal trainings and coachings are facilitated to gain more competence, security and trust

Familiarization is easy at our company because we provide checklists and every employee feels responsible for welcoming new team members as warmly as possible into the team and imparting specialist knowledge. In order for us to live this visibly, every employee is informed that new employees "arrive" well and every employee makes themselves available within the first few weeks to impart knowledge and tips for working together to the new team member
This is the only way to achieve a "we are togetherness" that is also strengthened by regular team celebrations

To our guests we promise: "Warm inside, what the heart desires outside" To ensure that this is not just a marketing slogan, we have worked out together with our employees what cordiality means at the Pfandler. For us, "cordiality" means the way we meet our guests and our colleagues and how we behave. We want to show honest friendliness and, above all, an extraordinary willingness to help. We achieve this through a genuine interest in our fellow human beings. To ensure that this special quality of cordiality is not lost in our daily lives, we motivate ourselves to live and exemplify it anew. The goal is to promote mutual understanding and cooperation. We have formulated our own personal principles of cordiality so that all employees can find joy and understanding in this
- I pay attention to my feeling
- I pay attention to my language
- I look (at) the other
- I am helpful
- I am interested
- I have understanding for mistakes
- I am part of the team
- I motivate myself and others with a smile
- I also have a responsibility myself
- I can put myself in the other person's shoes

These three guiding values: Respect - Competence - Cordiality shape our daily work and should also be consciously supported by new employees in order to create a pleasant working atmosphere together.

What we offer our employees

What else we offer you

above-average pay
regulated free time
free catering, even on days off
Accommodation in new single apartments with kitchenette and balcony or rooms with shower/WC and digital satellite TV in HD quality as well as free wi-fi only 60m from the hotel
Coin-operated washing machines and dryers in 2 laundry rooms
free use of the indoor swimming pool and fitness room
discounted ski pass in winter
the many sport & leisure possibilities at the Achensee, because of which also the guests come to us
Promotion of training and further education measures as well as personality development for executives

We are looking for people who bring a genuine enthusiasm for guest experience as the figurehead of our hotel. If you also have an awareness of operational interests and a sense of good togetherness, then you can expect an appreciative corporate culture, career opportunities and work that is enjoyable.