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The big HOGASTJOB salary check

A life of luxury with the Swiss, or would you rather move to cool Berlin or affluent Munich? Maybe it's also worth staying in Austria ... Decisions upon decisions. HOGASTJOB knows where hotel and restaurant employees earn the most and what you should consider if you're thinking of emigrating.

Where do you earn more? In Austria, Germany or Switzerland?

Have you ever wondered whether you would earn better in neighboring German-speaking countries? Then take a look at the following table:


Ø gross annual salary Austria

Ø gross annual salary Germany

Ø gross annual salary

Hotel manager


Hotel management assistant


Service staff



Kitchen help

Restaurant specialist




11.000 EUR

41.500 EUR

14.000 EUR

21.000 EUR

23.000 EUR

15.500 EUR

22.500 EUR

24.500 EUR

11.000 EUR

20.500 EUR

22.500 EUR

21.000 EUR

21.000 EUR

43.500 EUR

15.000 EUR

19.500 EUR

24.500 EUR

17.000 EUR

43.000 EUR
(47,000 CHF)

53.500 EUR
(58,500 CHF)

43.500 EUR
(47,500 CHF)

52.000 EUR
(57,000 CHF)

62.000 EUR
(68,000 CHF)

37.000 EUR
(40,500 CHF)

45.000 EUR
(49,000 CHF)

47.000 EUR
(51,000 CHF)

38.500 EUR
(42,000 CHF)

*All information without guarantee.

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What else should you consider?

A higher gross salary does not automatically mean that it is worth going abroad. HOGASTJOB tells you which other aspects you should keep in mind.

Factors that influence salary

Regional differences, size of the company, seasonal work or annual position: all of these can influence how much money you actually go home with in the end.

Cost of living

Differences in taxes, insurance, pensions, rent, food, etc. can quickly eat up a higher salary. Although salaries are significantly higher in Switzerland, the cost of living is also higher. Therefore, before moving to one of the other Alpine countries, you should carefully consider whether you will still be better off financially.

By the way: cross-border commuters can sometimes enjoy the higher salary of the neighboring country - while at the same time benefiting from the low cost of living in their home country. But even this is not always possible or advisable.

Working conditions

Working conditions can also vary. In Switzerland, for example, only four weeks' vacation per year is common, while in Austria it is five. The details of the working conditions can best be found in the respective collective agreements.

Quality of life

A stable wage and economic development, the scenic beauty of a region, the leisure facilities or the proximity to family and friends: Think about which aspects contribute significantly to your quality of life! A higher salary does not always justify suffering from constant homesickness or feeling miserable in your new home ..

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