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Working in the wellness sector: your salary

Income from working in the wellness industry 

Whether it's soothing massages, coaching with crisp workouts or beauty treatments - as part of the crew in the wellness area, you ensure that your customers can relax completely or work out as they wish every day. How much you earn depends on your training and professional experience. We'll tell you more about salaries in the wellness sector.

Working in the wellness sector: a wide range of opportunities

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Good to know: Salary as an employee in the wellness sector

Basically, you can only make approximate statements about the salary in the wellness area. As part of the crew, the collective agreement for workers in the hotel and catering industry applies to you. Top employers strive to create attractive conditions in the industry. For you, this means: higher salaries and great benefits! Our tip: Find out about the industry average before negotiating your salary so that you can influence your pay!

Masseur: Your salary for the healthy "craft"

After completing the two-year training course to become a commercial masseur, you can hit the ground running in the wellness sector. After intensive sporting achievements, customers will trust your expertise. Tip for career champions: With an additional master's examination, you can continue your education in the field of medical massage.

  • Salary for commercial masseurs with completed training: between 1.760 euros and 2.630 euros gross* per month
  • Salaryfor medical masseurs with a master's examination: between 1.860 euros and 2.860 euros gross* per month

*As of May 2024

Expert in aesthetics: Your salary as a beautician or pedicurist

Beautiful, healthy hands, feet and skin are real confidence boosters. During facial treatments or hand, foot and nail care, you will impress customers with your keen aesthetic sense. A job that is rewarded accordingly.

  • Salary for beauticians with an apprenticeship qualification: between 1.928 euros and 2.800 euros gross* per month
  • Salaryfor qualified chiropodists: from approx. 1.400 euros gross per month

*As of May 2024

For the spa experience: your salary as a bath and sauna attendant

As a bath and sauna attendant, you accompany your guests on a journey of relaxation. Your responsibilities include infusion ceremonies, checking the water temperature and more. In this area, you can expect a gross monthly salary of around 1.500 to 1.710 euros.

Motivational hero:in: Remuneration for working as a fitness supervisor:in

As a fitness coach, you support clients on their way to a healthier lifestyle - with specialist knowledge and plenty of motivation. Do you have the ideal qualifications to support your clients on their way to getting in top physical shape? The salary for trained fitness supervisors ranges from 1.300 to 1.960 euros gross per month.

The organizational force: Salary for spa receptionists 

As a spa receptionist, you are the first point of contact in the wellness area, where everything comes together. With your friendly manner, you create a feel-good atmosphere - right from the moment you enter the area. The salary for spa receptionists with an apprenticeship is between 1.500 and 1.900 euros gross per month.

Money & more - further benefits in the wellness area

Good to know: You also benefit from additional income in the wellness area. Tips, bonuses and other benefits are not uncommon. So good work is rewarded! The companies often even offer free accommodation and meals.

Know your value: How to negotiate your salary successfully

Psst ... with a little finesse, you can still get a lot out of the payment. Because if you're well prepared, you'll appear particularly confident in the interview. We have summarized for you what is important in salary negotiations.

Your job in the wellness area

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