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Further training in tourism: Have you learned anything today?

Are you longing for a change in your job? Would you like to try something new? Or would you simply like to improve your knowledge in a specific area? To develop your career, you need an employer who offers you the opportunities. On the other hand, you also need the knowledge required for the new job. And that needs to be learned first!

At this point at the latest, memories from your school days will come flooding back. And these can sometimes not only be of the positive variety: Mountains of homework, boring monologues from teachers, useless knowledge that we never needed again. It's nice that we're grown up now and can choose for ourselves what we want to learn.

Top motivational reasons for learning:

  • Further development is fun!
    Nothing is worse than treading water. No matter whether it concerns the job or the pay. It's not uncommon for professional development to be associated with a higher salary.
  • With a goal in mind,it works!
    After all, you know why you're attending a course and spending your nights studying. With your goal in mind, you'll get through everything with ease.
  • Fun and more fun!
    A great side effect is that there are usually people on the courses who have the same interests. This often results in friendships for life...

Studying at the university or FH

An academic degree is also a good idea in tourism. If you want to progress into management, a degree will help you get ahead, especially internationally. You will often receive credit for your training and work experience.

  • IBS (Institute for part-time studies): Tourism Management
    Bachelor's degree course in Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, part-time
    Find out more at www.ibs.or.at!
  • IBS: International Business Management
    Master's degree program in Vienna with specializations in International Tourism Management, Culture and Event Management and Health Management, part-time.
    Find out more at www.ibs.or.at!
  • FH Krems: Tourism and Leisure Management
    Bachelor's degree course in Lower Austria, full-time or part-time, lectures in English, duration: 6 semesters
    Find out more at www.fh-krems.ac.at!
Foto eines dualen Studenten im Tauern Spa
  • MCI (Management Center Innsbruck): Tourism & Leisure Management
    Full-time Bachelor's degree course in Tyrol, duration: 6 semesters
    Find out more at www.mci.edu!
  • FH Salzburg: Innovation & Management in Tourism
    Bachelor's degree course in Salzburg, part-time, taught in either German or English, duration: 6 semesters
    Find out more at www.fh-salzburg.ac.at!

Additional training

If you want to deepen your knowledge in a particular specialist area, one of these additional training courses is a good option. The best-known training centers for such courses and seminars is the Wifi.

  • Sommelier (wine, cheese, meat)
    You can find out everything you need to know about wine and sommelier training in our article "Your path to becoming a sommelier". But wine is not the only focus of sommelier training. Find out everything you need to know about training as a cheese sommelier and meat sommelier here.
  • Bartender
    A bartender can do more than just mix good drinks! What you learn during your training to become a qualified bartender is not from bad parents!
  • Event manager
    Perfect events are no coincidence in the hospitality industry. Learn how to manage events properly in the event manager course.
  • Food & Beverage Manager
    The Food & Beverage Manager course teaches you how to create modern concepts for the catering industry.
  • Tourist guide
    Would you like to combine your foreign language skills with your interest in art, culture and history? Then a career as a tourist guide is perfect for you!
  • Global Master Chef
    For chefs who want to develop their skills further, training to become a master chef is a career step.

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