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First Steps: How to find your dream job ...

... if you still have no idea what you want to do!

"One, two or three - okay, I'm in!" Cook, waiter, receptionist or would you prefer to be a wellness employee?

The choice is huge when it comes to jobs in the hotel and catering industry. It can be difficult to decide. Are you about to choose a career, but you don't really know what you want to do yet? Don't worry - HOGASTJOB has a few helpful tips for you on finding a career.

Tip 1: Find out what suits you!

Are the days until graduation almost numbered? Then you should definitely start thinking about where you want to go. Perhaps you already have an approximate direction in mind intuitively. If not, then these pointers will help you narrow it down:

  • Interests, hobbies and favorite subjects: what do you enjoy most? What hobbies do you have? Do you like working with other people? Or do you prefer to spend time on the computer? Are you a team sportsman or a competitive athlete? Do you like to be creative? Do you like learning new foreign languages? Your favorite subjects at school can also reveal your hidden talents. However, grades are not the deciding factor - nor is whether you like certain teachers or not!
  • Character traits: Are you more extroverted and bright or introverted and laid back? Do you like to lend a hand or do you prefer to work on a solution? Are you a calm person or do others quickly get on your nerves? It often helps to get a second opinion: How would your friends or family rate you? As we all know, how others perceive you and how you perceive yourself sometimes differ ..
  • Health factors: Do you have allergies or health restrictions? Is a job where you are on your feet for hours on end an option? Would a job where you come into contact with certain foods or chemicals even be possible? You should definitely ask yourself these questions in advance and consult a doctor if necessary.

Can't get any further on your own? Then you will find a variety of tests online that can help you find a career. Take the Chamber of Labor's career interest test, for example! If there is a careers advice service at your school, you should definitely make use of it. Vocational schools are also a good place to go for qualified advice.

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Tip 2: Find out about the options!

Have you already narrowed down the possible professions a little? Then it's time for something more concrete. The best thing to do is to find out online about all the possible professions. Tip: You can find an overview of the most common professions and career prospects in the hotel and catering industry in the HOGASTJOB career check. Trade fairs and information events are also good opportunities to get more input. Some companies or vocational schools also offer open days.

Tip 3: Try out everything you have the opportunity to do!

Taster days, work placements, holiday jobs or part-time jobs: what they all have in common is that they offer a unique insight into everyday working life in the future. Nothing beats practical experience and being up close and personal! We will soon be revealing the types of internships you can do in the hotel and catering industry ..

Did you know? You can find lots of exciting internships on HOGASTJOB. Click through and apply now!

What's the next step?

You've already gained your first work experience and you're sure you want a job in the catering or hotel industry! Then nothing stands in the way of an apprenticeship... If you want to study later or you're not quite sure yet, an apprenticeship with a school-leaving certificate might be just the thing for you.

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