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Are you a chef with heart and soul? The 5-point check!

If you are looking for a new professional challenge as a chef, you can find the current vacancies here.

Find out in our chef check whether you were born to be a chef.

Piccata Milanese doesn't make you think of a Sicilian mafia family. You know that bouillabaisse is not a town in France and you don't cover your ears when you hear crème brûlée. The request to "get behind the stove" is not an insult but a reward for you. But you can find out here whether you really are a chef with heart and soul!

1. You already had cordon bleu and ratatouille in the sandpit.

While your playmates were still busy building castles and throwing snails around, you were serving up cordon bleu and ratatouille in the sandpit. You made imaginative works of art out of little ramekins and served them to the neighbor's cat. Creative plating is still your passion today - after all, the eye eats too!

2. For Mother's Day, you gave your mom a bouquet of parsley.

Even as a child, you found herbs more exciting than flowers. You presented your mother with a bouquet of parsley, chives and coriander for Mother's Day, beaming with joy.

3. Chopping onions is an underchallenge for you.

Where others burst into tears, you laugh cheekily in the face of the challenge. Since Crocodile Dundee and Kill Bill, you know what you can do with a knife.

4. You comfort your friends with a 5-course meal.

Whenever you had to comfort a friend, you didn't do it with clever sayings, but stormed straight into the kitchen. 5 courses and a full belly later, the world looked good again.

5. You grow ten hands in stressful situations

You only feel good when it's sizzling and steaming everywhere. The clatter of pots and dishes sounds more harmonious to you than the Philharmonic's New Year's concert.

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