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10 tips for more tips

How to get a bigger wallet with simple tricks

In our industry, tipping is a fixed part of many people's income. We'll give you a few tips on how you can get more tips. Try them out!

1. Repeat the order

Every guest feels safe and in good hands if you briefly repeat what they have ordered. This can increase the tip by a few percent afterwards.

Foto einer Kellnerin bei der Ausgabe von Getränke

2. Introduce yourself with your name

Here in Austria, it's not really customary to introduce yourself by name at the beginning, but hey, just give it a try. No guest will object to a little friendliness. What is becoming more and more common here, however, are name tags.

3. A smile can work wonders

Displaying a bad mood in public will not necessarily pay off. According to studies, waiters and waitresses who smiled at their guests and even showed their teeth received an average tip of 48 cents, while those who smiled with their mouths closed received 20 cents more.

4. Add something sweet to the bill

A tip from psychology, the reciprocity rule says that when we receive something as a gift, we want to return the favor. The guest can start right away with the tip ;)

Foto eines Kellners bei der Arbeit

5. Go to eye level with the guest

To be honest, we're a little skeptical here. It's also a trick from psychology: the idea here is to get on the same level as the guest, although it looks a bit strange to crouch down in front of the table. Does anyone here have any experience?

6. Be individual

If you're not tied to work attire, show off your style and be unusual. For a study in an upscale restaurant, six waitresses wore a flower in their hair, unlike others - their tips increased by 17 percent compared to other colleagues.

7. Be courteous, even to the younger guests

A little chocolate, a small puzzle or the presentation of the children's plate. Parents notice this and are often relieved that the little ones are distracted for a moment.

8. Be entertaining

A quick chat about the weather or the latest gossip from the social scene - guests just want to be entertained. Satisfied and cheerful guests also tip more on average.

9. Say thank you - also in writing

It's no longer news that waiters also say thank you. But how many really add a thank you to the bill? Try it out!

10. To summarize:

And finally: "The easiest way to reach a person is with a smile". Our everyday lives are characterized by stress and a lot of work, everyone is happy when they are greeted with a friendly smile.

11. Practice, practice, practice

Good luck with your application. You can certainly apply the tips to the following jobs in the service sector: Current jobs in the service sector.

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