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Everything about further training in the service sector

Why further training in the catering industry?

The world of gastronomy is constantly changing. What was "in" yesterday may be hidden away in drawers tomorrow. Our guests' preferences are constantly changing, and at the same time their expectations are rising. The solution? Continuous training and further education. Stay on the ball, pay close attention to what's happening in the hospitality business and what skills are in demand. That way, you'll be worth your weight in gold to employers.

How do I train and where? And what does the financing look like? The HOGASTJOB team will give you answers to your questions about further training in the service sector.

Taking the first step towards further training

In the end, it doesn't matter whether it's your idea to do further training or whether your superiors motivate you to do so. The important thing is that you think about the direction you want to take and whether further training is even feasible.

In plain language, this means that you have to weigh up whether you can reconcile your education and your job.

Where can I find further training for service employees?

Organizations and institutions that offer educational programs are a dime a dozen. First of all, it is important that you find out which area you would like to learn more about. Then the search begins. The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber offers a total of 32,000 further education programs through the Austrian Institute for Economic Promotion (WIFI). But you don't necessarily have to sit on a course lasting several weeks to learn something new.

Further education in the form of training courses, workshops or seminars is often also offered by smaller institutions. You can find an incredibly wide range of courses in the AMS training directory. Of course, you can also see where the courses take place.

How is further training in the service sector financed?

Unfortunately, further training is not free of charge. Only if you're lucky, if someone pays for it in full or at least partially supports you. Why don't you ask your boss if they will support you with your project? The motivation of ambitious employees is often rewarded. Especially if it benefits the restaurant business. Your new skills can pay off.

So talk to your boss first and make it clear that you can apply what you've learned to your day-to-day business. It doesn't cost anything to ask! In the best case scenario, the training costs will even be covered. If not, you will have to bear the costs yourself.

However, you can reap the benefits in the long term: Because as soon as you have proven that your newly acquired skills have a good impact on the business, you will be in a good position to renegotiate your salary.

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