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Guest complaints - how to react correctly!

How do I deal with guest complaints correctly?

From reception to service to the wellness area: practically every job in tourism involves dealing with guests and therefore the occasional guest complaint. But how do you react correctly to criticism - whether understandable or not? We have a guide for you.

The most important principle first: the guest is paying for their vacation in your hotel or for a nice evening in your restaurant. This doesn't give them every right, but it certainly gives them the right to be taken seriously. Even if their complaint seems far-fetched to you, you should listen carefully to the dissatisfied guest and not interrupt them. And you should show a basic level of understanding for any criticism, which you can make clear by repeating and/or taking notes of the other person's statements.

Show understanding, offer solutions

Blaming the guest is an absolute no-go. Because even if you are not responsible for a grievance, but a colleague is, the complainant is not interested in it, only in solutions. And this is exactly what you should offer them, preferably with a time frame for when a solution could be implemented.

Pay attention to your choice of words and replace negative sentences with positive ones. Examples:

  • "That's not possible at the moment, but I can offer you the following" instead of "That's not possible".
  • "There has been a misunderstanding" instead of "You are mistaken".
  • "I will be happy to find out more for you" instead of "I don't know".

In order to react correctly to guest complaints, it is also important to be aware of the phases of the complaints. The most important thing here is that every complainant wants to let off steam first. And even if it is not pleasant, you should remain calm and give them this opportunity. You will see that the guest concerned will calm down a little on their own. And once this has happened, you can work together to clarify the causes and find solutions.

Why is this so important?

Your business and you benefit twice over from a well-functioning complaints management system. On the one hand, it is about making guests happy and giving them the feeling that they are in good hands with you. After all, the positive conclusion of a complaints process can be the start of long-term customer loyalty. And guests who come back are the economic basis of every tourism business.

Less obvious is the second good reason for professionalizing the handling of guest complaints, preferably with the support of electronic systems and training. Many hoteliers and restaurateurs or their employees feel personally attacked by criticism. After all, everything in your business is already perfect, isn't it? No, it's not ... anywhere. every complaint is therefore an opportunity to improve things, so guest complaints are nothing more than free quality control.

And how open to criticism are you?

If you believe you can deal well with guests and respond professionally to their complaints, then you fulfill one of the most important requirements for a career in tourism. And then you should take a look at the vacancies on HOGASTJOB. Here you will find the most attractive offers in all areas of the catering and hotel industry. You can also get an impression of companies throughout Austria, southern Germany and South Tyrol. And don't forget: Those who register have a clear advantage!

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