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Rights & obligations of guests in the restaurant

The 1 x 1 of guest rights in the restaurant

Nobody likes conflicts with guests. Unfortunately, however, they do sometimes occur in everyday restaurant life. And because the guest is king, employees should always respond to complaints calmly and politely.

How do you keep calm in an emergency and handle the situation skillfully? By knowing your rights as a host and those of your visitors. The gastronomy experts at HOGASTJOB will tell you how to behave in a cool and correct manner in certain cases.

"The food is not good."

In such a case, it depends on whether the food has specific, objectively verifiable defects. Is it burnt, inedible, cold or oversalted or does it contain hair or other "foreign bodies"? Then the guest does not have to pay for the dish. Provided they complain about the defect immediately.

Recommended procedure:

  • Take the food back and not charge for it or grant a price reduction
  • serve a new dish if requested
Foto von Gästen die in der Sonne einen Kaffee trinken

"I didn't order that."

If the guest receives a different meal than ordered, they may return it and have the right to a new one, namely the meal ordered. This should be delivered as soon as possible.

"The service was not satisfactory."

Dissatisfaction with the service can manifest itself in different ways.

Case 1: If a guest complains about repeated unfriendliness on the part of the service staff, the invoice amount can be reduced by up to 10 percent in a verifiable and justified individual case.

Case 2: The service staff spills on a guest. The cleaning must be undertaken or the item of clothing must be replaced if it cannot be cleaned.

Case3: Someone complains that they have been waiting a very long time for their food. In this case - depending on the type of meal ordered (snack vs. gourmet menu) - the following applies:

  • If the guest stays, the bill can be reduced by 10 to 15 percent.
  • After about 30 minutes and three requests, the guest may leave the restaurant without paying.
Foto eines Gastes mit Barkeeperin

The last one pays the bill

The birthday party is coming to an end and the last guest is paying the rest? Only if he is accommodating. As a general rule, everyone only pays for what they have consumed. Our tip: always keep a close eye on large groups!

"I can leave if the bill doesn't come."

The same applies here as for long waits for food: If you have already asked three times and have been waiting 30 minutes for the bill, you can leave. But: Guests must leave their contact details so that the bill can be sent to them.

"I've upset my stomach."

Or: "My tooth broke because of a stone in the salad." Guests who can prove that incorrectly prepared food in the restaurant is actually to blame for their complaints can claim damages or compensation for pain and suffering. For example, by having the restaurant pay the medical bill.

Nahaufnahme eines Kochs beim Rührei zubereiten

A table was reserved, but the guests didn't show up

If this happens, a restaurateur may demand compensation from the guest - provided there is proof of the damage incurred. For example, if additional staff were hired for a large reservation.

Short and sweet: dealing with guest complaints

1. listen attentively

2.apologize on behalf of the restaurant

3. be accommodating and make amends

Tip: Invite disgruntled guests for a coffee or dessert "on the house" after consulting with your supervisor.

With this knowledge, you are sure to score points when applying for a job in the catering and hotel industry. We have collected our best tips for your cover letter and CV for you here. Read through them now and apply for your dream job via HOGASTJOB !

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