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Top management skills

What qualifications does a manager need?

A top manager is the backbone of every successful hotel and restaurant business. As a leader, you must constantly navigate the challenges of the rapidly changing tourism industry, ensure that the figures are right and at the same time be a motivator for your own team.

Find out now about the top skills you should have if you want to sit in the boss's chair one day! This much can already be revealed: With the right mix of experience, education and personal skills, your promotion is guaranteed to succeed. Are you already in a position with management responsibility? Then perhaps this blog post is a little reminder for your daily tasks.

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#1 Leading teams skillfully: Employee motivation

One of the most outstanding qualities that a manager in the hotel and catering industry must possess is the ability to lead and motivate a team effectively. In an industry that thrives on service quality and customer satisfaction, team dynamics play a crucial role in success.

Some key aspects that are decisive for employee management and motivation:
  • Understanding individual strengths and weaknesses: An effective leader recognizes talents and competencies of each team member and uses them specifically to strengthen their team as a whole.
  • Creating a positive work environment: Managers should foster a culture of openness and trust, where feedback is valued and everyone feels appreciated.
  • Clearly communicate goals and expectations: This creates a unified vision and aligns all efforts towards a common goal.
  • Recognition and reward: Whether through verbal praise, awards or other incentives, recognizing individual and team achievements strengthens commitment and loyalty.
  • Encouraging training and development: Investing in the professional development of team members shows that the manager is interested in their long-term success.

#2 Industry experience

Experience is the be-all and end-all - and an indispensable building block of every manager's skills, especially in the hotel and catering industry. It forms the foundation on which strategic decisions, innovations and excellent customer service are built. If you have spent several years in the industry and in various businesses, you will have a deep understanding of the processes and challenges of day-to-day operations and can gradually expand your skillset.

Industry experience specifically includes:
  • Practical knowledge: Direct experience in different areas of the industry - from reception to the kitchen - enables managers to understand and optimize operational processes. This knowledge is crucial for making informed decisions and increasing efficiency.
  • Customer understanding: Through direct contact with guests, managers develop a keen sense of customer needs and expectations. This understanding is fundamental to creating exceptional service experiences and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Flexibility: Experience in different roles and environments promotes adaptability to changing market conditions and customer preferences. Managers must be able to respond flexibly to challenges and find sustainable solutions.

#3 Recognizing trends and promoting innovation

Always stay up to date! Managers who recognize and implement trends position their businesses at the forefront of innovation, which leads to sustainable success and satisfaction among guests and employees. Especially in the areas of digitalization, personalization and sustainability , it is important to take a bold step forward and keep a close eye on the competition.

By the way: You can regularly find exciting articles about the industry on the HOGASTJOB blog.

#4 Conflict resolution

Effective conflict management is crucial for managers in the hotel and catering industry. After all, service quality can only be maintained in a harmonious working environment. Our own workshops for managers offer targeted training in this sensitive area. Active listening, objectivity, mediating discussions and the will to establish sustainable measures to avoid conflicts are valuable key skills in this context.

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How do I become a manager?

Developing the qualifications needed to be a successful manager in the hotel and catering industry requires commitment and a continuous willingness to learn. Do you want to make your way to the executive floor? Then you should definitely take concrete steps:

  • Further training: Take advantage of industry-specific courses and workshops to expand your knowledge and stay up to date!
  • Mentoring : Look for a specific role model within the industry who can share their experience and impart leadership knowledge!
  • Networking: Get involved in industry associations and groups to learn from the experiences of others and gain new perspectives!
  • Practical experience : Actively gain experience in various areas of the hotel and catering industry to develop a comprehensive understanding of the industry!

If you follow these key steps, you can acquire the necessary know-how, build stable relationships and gain valuable experience. Because even for leaders, it's always a case of learning by doing!

Venture into the management ranks!

When you read the blog post, you thought: Can I do it, can I do it, do I have the confidence to do it...? Then apply for a management position now! Whether in the kitchen, in service, at reception or in housekeeping: go for it, apply and show us what you can do!

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