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Guest communication: What you should consider

5 tips for dealing with guests

You have certainly noticed it in your day-to-day work: guests' expectations are rising - noticeably both at reception and in terms of service in the restaurant area. Various surveys in the hotel and restaurant industry have confirmed this. But how do you deal with these increased expectations? We have summarized the most important tips and tricks for professional guest communication.

What makes for good guest communication?

First things first: What is the goal of successful guest communication? Clearly: the guest should feel comfortable in your establishment. It's important that the guest experience doesn't just start when they check in or enter the restaurant. Guests get a first impression of the service that awaits them when they make their reservation.

That's why your first contact with the guest should be friendly and welcoming. Incidentally, it's not just your conversation on the phone or the tone of communication via email that plays a role here; your website also has a significant influence on whether the guest has a positive impression of their stay. According to surveys, guests are increasingly critical of the website and digital booking process. It is therefore important to perform well in this area.

5 tips for successful guest communication

#1 Stay authentic & honest!

Be who you are - sounds like a cliché, but it's concrete, useful advice. After all, guests notice when someone is not being honest with them or is being overly friendly. Particularly in a conflict discussion, there is no point in trying to hide mistakes or omissions. An honest admission of mishaps or shortcomings is demonstrably better received by the guest than various attempts at reassurance.

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#2 Friendliness is the be-all and end-all

A smile says more than a thousand words! A friendly demeanor also rubs off on the other person - as various studies have confirmed. As you can see, it doesn't take much to create a positive atmosphere between you and your guest. What's more, if you know the guest's name, feel free to call them by it! The effect: people feel noticed and valued when they are addressed personally by name. You can see that here too: Small gesture - big effect!

#3 Know your job!

What do you think the guest needs most from you? That's right. Information! That's why you should know your area inside out. Guests appreciate trained and helpful staff - especially when they receive the information or services they need quickly and easily. Whether it's food recommendations, directions to the nearest drugstore or special requests: the more confidently you can provide information, the more positive the effect on communication with the guest.

And: If you don't have an answer ready, tip no. 1 is to remain honest! Let the guest know that you don't have the necessary information to hand at the moment, but that you are working on clarifying the guest's request. This will score you points in any case!

#4 Rules of conduct provide structure

When it comes to communicating with guests, the following applies in principle: rules of conduct defined by the team not only provide structure for employees, but also guide guests through their personal customer journey. Therefore: Agree on certain greeting and farewell rituals! Decide specifically where you will talk about private matters as a team and where you will not. For example, the hotel reception is not a good place to chat about last weekend's party. Actively go through the individual phases of guest communication and set sensible rules for yourselves!

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#5 Obtain feedback

To improve your guest communication, it is extremely important to get feedback. Especially from your colleagues. They know you well and perceive you in many different situations. Actively ask for their feedback: What are you good at? What could you improve? You will see: You will benefit most from their feedback.

Last but not least: It is also important for a business to survey guest satisfaction. This can be done via a questionnaire or in a direct conversation with the guest at check-out. Whether it's positive or critical feedback: accept the comments without judgment and check whether you can still improve in this area! And yes: pat yourself on the back proudly when you receive praise and recognition for your work!

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