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They say a good service person should be everywhere at all times ... Well, almost. But you have to be more than just at it. For the team and the guests. And when things get a bit stressful, you have to keep a cool head and master the situation in a confident and friendly manner with a smile. A positive, well-groomed appearance and enjoyment of communication are a matter of course.
Here is some more information about the service area:
5 things that prove that you are a waiter/waitress with heart and soulThis
is how

you become a professional in the service area

This is how

you recognize that you are service-oriented!
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Application Tips.

We're probably not telling you anything new, but let's keep it short and sweet: Make sure your application documents are complete and as error-free as possible, including a cover letter and structured resume. Enclose existing references. Present yourself in a good light, and feel free to mention any special skills or interests that might be relevant to your potential new job.
here we have put together some more information for you:
application guide part 1: How to find your dream jobApplication guide
part 2: The application documents

Application guide part 3: The interview
If your dream job is not available at the moment, set up a job alert and get notified by e-mail when jobs in your desired field become available. And, if you're flexible on location, try expanding your radius in our job filter.

Complete applicant profile

The more your future employer learns about you, the better. And it's not a disadvantage for you either if you have a complete and meaningful profile.

Inform about the operation

It should be obvious - find out more about the company you want to apply to. Get in touch, ask questions and get the information you need.

Set up job alarm

you've probably already noticed - you can set up one or more job alerts to notify you when a job of interest to you becomes available.

Go through job ad

Actually, it's also clear: Take a close look at the job description. Do you meet the criteria described in it? Is the job accessible to you? If necessary, are you willing to relocate (seasonally) for the new job?

Practice job interview

Practice a job interview with someone you know and get feedback. Film the whole thing. Prepare yourself for common questions - like "what would you want to know about yourself as a boss and what answers would you like to have?

Provide contact options

All done ... don't forget to include your contact information - address, email address, phone/cell phone number.

Let yourself be found

No time to apply? Activate the visibility of your profile, so employers can search for you and contact you directly without you having to apply. The only important thing is that your profile is completely filled out and your desired job is created. Then you'll get the job offers!

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